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Miss North Central Kentucky Scholarship Pageant

Online Application


Below you will find the Online Application, Platform Questions and Talent Presentation Form that must be submitted in order for you to become a contestant in this year's Miss North Central Kentucky/Miss North Central Kentucky Teen Scholarship Pageant.  When these forms have been submitted they will be reproduced for the judges to review the day of the pageant.  Please complete these forms in their entirety. In addition, we will need 5, 5x7 photos (may be copies - color or black and white) for the Judges Book and 1 (origianl- NO COPIES)wallet size photo for the Program Book .  Teen contestants also need to send a check for their $60 entry fee made payable to Miss North Central Kentucky Scholarship Pageant.  You can mail these items to the address below.
The order in which we receive your completed forms will determine the order in which you choose your placement in the pageant!  Those who complete their forms first will have first choice.  At Orientation you will be able to look over these forms and make any necessary corrections.  After Orientation no changes will be accepted.

Miss & Teen Contestants please fill out this form in its entirety and press the submit button at the bottom of this section.

City & State
Date of Birth
Platform Issue
Scholastic Ambition
Scholastic Honors
Other Accomplishments
Career Ambition
Telephone Number
Mailing Address
Email Address
Other info (extra phone number, etc)

Miss & Teen Contestants, please answer all three of these questions in paragraph form to the best of your ability.  Press submit when you are finished.

Platform Title
1. Clearly define the platform issue, to which you are sincerely committed, have been personally involved with and for which you will be an activist during your year of service.
2. What are your most significant accomplishments to date concerning your platform issue, including your involvement in non-profit or other related organizations on a national, state and / or local level?
3. Specifically, what do you wish to accomplish during your year of service and which major non-profits, corporations, or other organizations would you like to partner with as an activist for your platform on a national level?

Please fill out the following Talent Request form and press the submit button when you are finished.  Your talent selection must not exceed 2 minutes in length.  There will be no exact duplication of talents.  Talent requests are taken on a first come first served basis.

Phone Number
Please indicate your talent (check one)
Dramatic Reading
Comedy Monologue
Dance (indicate type)
Instrumental (indicate type)
Full title of music or presentation you plan to perform for your talent.
Please indicate use of one of the following: (Check One)
Taped Background
No Background
Give a full explanation of how you will present your talent:
Please write a talent intro to be read onstage (25 word maximum)
What type of microphone will you need? (hand held, stand, clip on, etc)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Home Phone Number:  (859) 543-8402
Cell Phone Number:  (859) 539-1196

Email address:

Please send your five 5 x 7 photos (color or black & white, can be copies) for the Judges Book and one wallet-size photo (must be original, can be color or black & white) for the Program Book to the address below:


Miss North Central Kentucky
c/o Bryan Lloyd & Justin Rains
3170 Mapleleaf Drive
Lexington, KY  40509

We look forward to your participation.  Please contact us if you have any questions.