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The Miss Lexington/Miss Metropolitan Scholarship Pageant

2005 Pageant Results

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Pictured above from left to right are:  4th runner-up Megan Culler; 3rd runner-up Morgan White; 2nd runner-up Sabina Kudmani and 1st runner-up Jessica Horsley.

Miss Lexington 2005 - Angela Tackett ($2,500 scholarship)
Miss Metropolitan 2005 - Meghan Nadeau ($2,500 scholarship)
1st runner-up - Jessica Horsley ($1,000 scholarship)
2nd runner-up - Sabina Kudmani ($750 scholarship)
3rd runner-up - Morgan White ($600 scholarship)
4th runner-up - Megan Culler ($500 scholarship)
Louise Wieman Community Service Award winner - Meghan Nadeau ($300 scholarship)
Non-Finalist Talent Award - Emily Barton ($300 scholarship)
Advertising Award - Emily Barton ($250 scholarship)
The following contestants each received an additional $250 participation scholarship:
Emily Barton
Jordin Cooper
Dana Elliott
Ashley Jenkins
Jessica Miler
Elizabeth Parker
Everyone is a winner in the Miss Lexington/Miss Metropolitan pageant!  Congratulations to all contestants!

All of this years contestants gathered for a group photo at dress rehearsal. They're all winners!

We hope that next year even more young ladies will participate to earn scholarships to further their education.

If you have any questions please contact us:
Melanie McCloud
phone: 859-381-1947
Karen Carter
Phone: 859-278-4450