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The Miss Lexington/Miss Metropolitan Scholarship Pageant

Required Paperwork
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1) Please complete each item listed below (in their entirety)
2) Print them off, and bring them to Judy Hutchinson at the October 19th rehearsal. 
3) Forms may be filled out and printed on-line OR copied and pasted into a Word document. 
4) All forms MUST be typed!
Note: There is a fact sheet example to assist you in creating your own fact sheet (your fact sheet should appear similar to this one).  Please reproduce your own fact sheet (you do not have to include the Miss Lexington logo at the top).  Your fact sheet and platform questions are NOT to exceed ONE page in length.

Pageant Contract

Fact Sheet

fact sheet example

Platform Questions

Community Service Form

Program Book Information form

Talent Form

If you have any questions please contact the pageant directors (listed below).

Judy Hutchinson
Phone: 859-224-4897
Karen Carter
Phone: 859-278-4450